Many people think dog poop is good for the grass, but that is not true for several reasons.

First, dog poop is full of bacteria so letting it dissolve in the yard will contaminate the soil and kill the natural insects and wildlife that keeps the lawn lush. It also increases the nitrogen level of the soil which normally is a good thing, except it is too high and actually kills the grass preventing it from growing in that spot at all.

The high nitrogen levels can be dealt with by over watering the lawn to move the nitrogen into a bigger area, unfortunately, that spreads the bacteria and parasites as well. It can even end up, well can, I should say does end up in the drinking water supply.

Yes, you are drinking dog poop!

Water supplies have been tested using DNA technology and there is fecal bacteria present that can be tracked back to dog poop. Sad, but true.

But we are talking about how to deal with it on a lawn and the dog poop in your drinking water will be a topic for another blog post.

Dog poop is much different than horse, deer or cow poop because those animals are vegetarians and the fecal waste is much different. Dog poop is actually much more like human poop and holds many of the same harmful properties.

Nobody is ever taking about leaving human poop on the lawn, because that makes everyone sick just thinking about it. But dog poop is almost the same, so it should make you just as upset as seeing human poop on your lawn.

The more poop you leave on a lawn, the worse the lawn will get.

So you need to deal with it, before it is an issue. If there is too much nitrogen in the lawn, nothing will grow at all. You will end up with a barren dessert of sand and dirt that will take years to recover.

The bad part is, if the soil is contaminated with parasite eggs, those can often last for years which is even a bigger problem than some dead grass. Making any dogs using the yard sick over and over again.

This stuff is bad people, no joke.

Yes, it will kill grass, that is the first thing to go, then it contaminates the water supply and runs off into streams and lakes killing fish, birds and other wildlife while leaving the surviving wildlife sick and spreading the parasites further.

Perhaps we need not concern ourselves with the dead spots on the lawn when the real issue is the neighbors child that now has ring worm and will die prematurely becuase of a diminished immune system. Maybe not tomorrow, but at age 50 instead of 90.

Think about how introducing dog poop into an eco system affects the balance and makes it hard for natural inhabitants to survive.

Think about the generations to come that will not have the same opportunities we had becuase they must drink bottled water or avoid swimming in lakes because they are contaminated with dog waste.

While the BP Oils Spill in the gulf was disastrous, it was nothing compared to what is done each year by dog poop that is not picked up on lawns and allowed to wash into the water supply.

If you are worries about your lawn, think again. In 20 years, if we don't do something about the dog waste, you wont have clean water to even keep a nice lawn let alone drink.

So get off your high horse and start thinking about what that dog poop is doing to mankind.
Is dog poop good for lawns?Is dog poop good for lawns?