The question is, can dog poop hurt you?

Why would everyone be so against a little dog poop. Dog poop never killed anyone, right?

Wrong, dog pop can kill you. And although it is unlikely you will die from dog poop, that is more attributed to the fact that you avoid it and not that it is safe.

Dog poop is very dangerous, potentially fatal and contains millions of bacteria even in a small pile.

Everyone know that E.coli bacteria can kill you, and certainly make you sick. Well, there is E.coli bacteria in dog poop, so case and point, it can kill you.

But to do that, you would have to be exposed to it, probably ingest some of it and you would never eat dog poop, would you?

Lets say you step in it and then wipe your shoes in the grass trying to get it off your feet. The likelihood of your shoe laces or upper surfaces of your shoe contacting grass that touched the poop is very high. That bacteria is now not only on the bottom of your foot it is on the part you touch when removing your shoes.

If you don't wash your hands every time you put on or take off your shoes your hands may have E.coli bacteria on them. Then you grab a breath mint out of your pocket and put it in your mouth, or wipe your forehead from sweating, both actions will introduce the bacteria into your body.

Is it enough to kill you? Probably not.

But it could make you sick and if you have a weak immune system such as elderly, pregnant women or children it could be very bad for you making you very sick.

Seriously, people, dog poop is no joking matter. IT IS DANGEROUS!

Leaving dog poop out in the open puts everyone at risk and is a serious heath problem, but more so, left in your own yard, it puts your family at risk.

Do you want your children to die because they stepped in a pile of dog poop becuase you were too lazy to pick it up? Probably not.

So do the responsible thing, pick up after your dog so nobody dies from your dog's poop.