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Van Ness Litter Scoop - X-Giant Long Handled


Van Ness Extra Giant Long-Handled Litter Scoop is a cleverly designed litter scoop that is perfect for owners with several cats and litter pans of all sizes. This scoop features an ergonomic handle that makes an otherwise unpleasant task as easy as possible. The scoop is made from high impact plastic for durability and contains regular gaps to help sift through litter. The Van Ness Extra Giant Long-Handled Litter Scoop is polished with a finish that resists odors and stains, making it easy to clean. Although this scoop is perfect for owners who have lots of cats or a lot of litter to sift through, a smaller scoop is available for owners in the same style. This product will make it easy to clean up after your cat, so order today! Key Features: Durable plastic is also easy to clean Odor and stain resistant Made in USA

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