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Aspen Pet Kibble Keeper with Microban (20 lb) - Pearl Tan/Pearl White


The Aspen Pet Kibble Keeper provides a handy way to keep pet food fresh and clean as well as avoid contamination. The 20 lb container, which comes in two colors, either Pearl Tan/Pearl White, is also treated with MicroBan which prevents the presence of bacterial growth on the container surface. Built from durable plastic, the Aspen Kibble Keeper containers are both sturdy and compact. The size and dimensions available make it easy to store the Kibble Keeper in a pantry with other food containers when not in use. The top lid opening allows easy pouring or vertical entry, avoiding any spilling of food pellets from the sides. Dry pet food is kept dry, moisture is repelled, and the seal prevents humidity from spoiling the food inside. Pets will appreciate the freshness of their food lasting much longer than in a rolled up pet food bag. Even if left on the ground, Spot can't get into the Kibble Keeper no matter how much he sniffs or scratches, and the food won't spill out either. Other benefits include: A stylish design to match a modern house and kitchen d├ęcor. Multiple sizes of Kibble Keepers for bulk food containment as well as snacks. Additional top storage on larger units for scoops or leashes or small treats.

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