Reporting Dog Poop Left Behind
July 27 2015
Posted in: Poop and Run
"No dog poop left behind"that is the goal of a new website which allows website members to post photos and videos of people that have not scooped their dogs poop. The new idea is part of the CRAP initiative started by Mr Dog Poop Inc of Tampa Florida that is using dog poop DNA to match discarded dog poop around Tampa with the dog owners. The project includes volunteers that scoop the poop and return samples to Mr Dog Poop's DNA lab  for analysis. Those DNA profiles are later matched against scooped poop to find a trail of more
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How to keep the dogs off the lawn
January 8 2015
Posted in: Pooper Deterrents
There are many commercial deterrents for animals that can be sprayed on lawns to keep animal off the grass but few work well if at all. If you want a successful campaign against your enemy, you must understand how they think. Dogs are driven by smell, they have sensitive noses and males try to mark their territory while females try to hide it. In some cases, having the sent from another dog is a good deterrent. They would be unlikely to poop in another dogs domain just like people. That is why the smell around looking for the right more
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How to kill Manatees!
January 8 2015
If you live in Florida and want to kill manatees, it is much easier than you think. I can show you in 3 easy steps. Step 1, buy a dog. Step 2, let it poop. Step 3, wait for manatees to die. See, you are now a trained manatee killer! Wasn't that easy? If you already have a dog and you are not picking up his poop, you may already be a professional manatee assassin. All you have to do is, nothing. Just don't be responsible at picking up your dogs fecal waste and wait for it to kill more
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Is dog poop good for lawns?
January 6 2015
Posted in: Dog Poop on Lawns
Many people think dog poop is good for the grass, but that is not true for several reasons. First, dog poop is full of bacteria so letting it dissolve in the yard will contaminate the soil and kill the natural insects and wildlife that keeps the lawn lush. It also increases the nitrogen level of the soil which normally is a good thing, except it is too high and actually kills the grass preventing it from growing in that spot at all. The high nitrogen levels can be dealt with by over watering the lawn to move the nitrogen more
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Can dog poop hurt me?
January 1 2015
Posted in: Dog Poop
The question is, can dog poop hurt you? Why would everyone be so against a little dog poop. Dog poop never killed anyone, right? Wrong, dog pop can kill you. And although it is unlikely you will die from dog poop, that is more attributed to the fact that you avoid it and not that it is safe. Dog poop is very dangerous, potentially fatal and contains millions of bacteria even in a small pile. Everyone know that E.coli bacteria can kill you, and certainly make you sick. Well, there is E.coli bacteria in dog poop, so case and more
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