If you are a property manager, apartment manager, home owner association or just a home owner that is sick and tired of dealing with DOG POOP left by others, it is time to "STOP The DOG POOP".

This website will give you working solutions, ideas and products that will solve your problem from DNA testing to popular dog odor deterrents.

Using the information, reviews and tools we have on stopdogpoop.com you can find a solution that is affordable and easy to deploy.

People have resorted to all kinds of tricks including spreading cayenne pepper on the lawn to keep dogs off the grass, but that will actually injure the dogs and still not solve the problem.

America is in an uproar about how to deal with dog poop.

Owners don't want to pick it up, and nobody else wants to step in it, smell it or have it end up in their drinking water. So what is the answer?

Read on and get liberated from your dog poop problems.
Nobody likes to deal with dog poop, not even the dog owner, so if they don't pick it up, what do they expect our reaction to be when they poop on our lawn?

How many signs do I have to put up? How many times do I have to yell? This just is not fair, there must be an answer to make people accountable for picking up their dogs poop.

As a home owner, isn't it my right to keep people off my lawn? It is my private property.

What makes someone think they can not only trespass, but then poop on my lawn and leave it?

They are common criminals and that is criminal vandalism as I see it.

Dog poop on the lawn gets so bad that even the owners cannot use the lawn for their own recreation.Is it fair for any home owner to pay the price for what someone else is doing?

Of course not and there are laws everywhere that prohibit leaving dog poop on someone's property. But very few laws that prohibit the act, only laws requiring the clean up after the fact.

Maybe the laws should specify that clean up process to be through and complete, becuase scooping it up in a bag still leaves bacteria, parasites and dangerous pathogens on the grass, in the soil and potentially on the property owners shoes, lawnmower, and in their home. That is not fair when the property owner has done everything they can to avoid the contaminates and someone else just attacks your property with dog poop.

At stopdogpoop.com we believe that a dog pooping on another persons property is just the same as throwing dog poop at the persons car driving down the street. It is an act of aggression, domestic terrorism at it's worst.

Thankfully there are solutions and not just putting up signs. There are legal remedies that can solve the problem once and for all.

Since the laws are already in place, you just need a way to enforce them and that can be done through your municipality with programs like DOGdex ID which take DNA samples from registered dogs that can be matched against dog poop violators.

The program is primarily for identifying lost dogs, however, once the data is in place, municipalities can choose to use it for dog poop enforcement in most cases, ending the dog pooping issues all together.

It may seem extreme to use DNA to STOP DOG POOP, but we don't think anything is extreme when the cost of ignoring the problem often ends up with people literally murdering each other.