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NUPRO (5 lbs) for Dogs


NUPRO All Natural Dog Supplement is scientifically balanced formula that is high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino and fatty acids. NUPRO provides the necessary raw ingredients (missing from cooked and processed dog food), with easily digestible whole foods, specially designed to condition your dog into first class health. More Information Daily feeding instructions (scoop inside) Under 5 lbs. 1/4 Scoop 5-10 lbs. 1/3 Scoop 10-20 lbs. 1/2 Scoop 20-40 lbs. 1 Scoop 40-70 lbs. 1 1/2 Scoops Over 70 lbs. 2 Scoops What do dog owners say about NUPRO? Promotes hair growth Stops itchy, dry, flaky skin & hot spots Helps repel fleas for energy and blood building Steady nerves - better disposition and alertness Fertility in females - potency in males Will help arthritic conditions Combats allergies Fat burner Improves appetite Aids digestion and helps relieve gas Excellent for all ages from puppies to geriatric Recommended by veterinarians

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