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KittyScoop Litter Helper Kit


The KittyScoop Litter Helper Kit includes the best tool available for cleaning your cat's litter box with an abundance of bags to dispose of your cat's waste with ease! Cleaning up after your cat can spread dirt, debris, and even disease if you're not careful! Reduce the spread of these harmful materials by using this unique tool to sift litter, remove waste, and place waste in a sanitary bag in one easy step! The KittyScoop Litter Helper Kit includes the KittyScoop Litter Helper and replacement bags that are designed to fit perfectly inside its disposal chamber and work with its rubber seal to be held perfectly in place. By bundling these items together, EntirelyPets is able to provide these tools at an incredible price that you won't find elsewhere. Don't delay- clean your cat's litter box the easy way and order the KittyScoop Kit today! Key Features: Includes KittyScoop Litter Helper to sift litter, pick up waste, and bag it in one simple step Includes pack of 8 bag rolls each with 15 bags to place inside KittyScoop Litter Helper Amazing value guaranteed to reduce dust, allergens, and contact with litter

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