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Arm & Hammer Claw Scoop - Black/Penny


Cleaning up after a pet is a necessity. While our pets can give us lots of attention and obedience, they're just not very good at cleaning up after themselves. However, with the Arm & Hammer Claw Scoop a pet owner can pick up after a furry friend just about anywhere. The Scoop works at home as well in the back yard or on a walk through the neighborhood. There's no need to fuss with a bag, trying to pick up a mess without touching it. The Scoop does the job the right way the first time. The Scoop also includes an extension ability which makes it easy to clean up after a pet without having to bend over or stoop to do the job. The unit is lightweight, simple to use, and easy to operate. With a basic squeeze the claw opens and contains the mess, making it easy to move to a bag for disposal. Once a pet owner has worked with the Arm & Hammer Scoop, he probably won't want to work with another scooping tool again. The Scoop comes with solid design and construction including: Being made of durable plastic that won't break down or bend when being used. The unit is easy to clean with soap and water. The claw component is effective at grabbing and containing dropping for easy disposal.

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